Resin vs Bondo vs Rondo


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I have a bunch of polyurethane resin left over from some gem casting. Im working on a new project and I want to do a candy coat finish before painting. I have been presented with doing Resin (Which I have), Bondo (Which I dont) and 1:1 mix aka Rondo. Whats the difference in working with each and the result?
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Darth Lars

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"Rondo" is mixing polyester resin and Bondo in order to get a thinner, more fluid body filler with longer working time. This works because Bondo is polyester-based.
You can't make Rondo from polyurethane resin and Bondo. Besides, "Rondo" is opaque and won't give you a translucent "candy" finish.

There might be thickeners that would work with polyurethane resin. I have sometimes added colloidal silica to epoxy and got a clear result (even though it was opaque white before it set). Maybe you could experiment with that if you don't get a better advice. ;)


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By candy finish, I mean as for sealing BEFORE paint. I have done 12 coats of PVA glue and it still has very little texture from the worbla. So before I paint the piece, I want it smoother.