Resin Repair/Filler Material?

Discussion in 'General Modeling' started by eltee, Oct 9, 2004.

  1. eltee

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    I have a resin casting that with a crack in it that needs filling. It is a large piece, and the crack is roughly 1/8" wide by 2" long. What is an easy to find, easy to use material to act as an adhesive and filler, that will take paint? THANKS.
  2. Howard

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    I'd use Milliput.
  3. judz dwedd

    judz dwedd New Member

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    Baking soda and superglue.
  4. lollypopuk

    lollypopuk New Member

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    Both the above are great - especially the Milliput, but you can use any auto car body filler.

    Isopon P38 in the UK or Bondo in the US are both ideal.
  5. eltee

    eltee Sr Member

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    What's the formula the baking "soda" (not powder?!?) and superglue compound??? THANKS
  6. Raygun

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    put baking soda in the crack and then run thin super glue over it. It cures instantly. It's also hard as a rock. Personally, I'd suggest using magic sands easier and can be smoothed with water before it cures, so you can cut down on a lot of the sanding.

  7. Wolvster1

    Wolvster1 Sr Member Gone but not forgotten.

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    If it IS really wide and has the
    chance of opening up more in the

    { i.e., an area that MIGHT bend some }

    then I'd double team it ! Use the
    backing soda and super glue INSIDE
    the crack and then use a good putty
    to COVER the crack ! That way, there
    would be NO WAY down the road it could
    re-open as the glue holds it FIRM ! [​IMG]

    Oh, and footnote too for the
    baking soda superglue! Be VERY careful
    when you do this, as you add the superglue
    to the baking soda it can emit " FUMES "..
    VERY VISIBLE fumes that STINK and BURN
    the crap out of your eye's if too close !

  8. Sluis Van Shipyards

    Sluis Van Shipyards Master Member

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    I've read in Modeler's Resource that they use Aves epoxy putty to fill big cracks.

    BTW, I guess this is wrong, but I thought you weren't supposed to use superglue/accelerator on resin because the glue is harder than the resin? Or does that just mean you don't leave it sitting around for a while before you sand?
  9. Wolvster1

    Wolvster1 Sr Member Gone but not forgotten.

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    Depending on the quality of the resin,
    " MOST " of the time the CA and Baking Soda is
    ALLOT harder then the resin !!!!! [​IMG]

    I use ONLY to fill voids and such in
    kit's, or like said above a deep
    crack !

    But yeah, some cheaper resin's out there
    are so soft that when CA and Soda are used
    and you try to sand you'll usually just " dig "
    the resin out around the repair and barely
    knock down the HARD stuff! [​IMG]
  10. Jedi Dade

    Jedi Dade Sr Member

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    Auto body Glazing putty works pretty well but that's a pretty deep and long crack. I think the Baking soda and CA route is a pretty good one followed by galzing putty to cover up the mess. glazing putty is great and its only like $2 at the local auto supply store (I use pep boys). Hope it works out [​IMG]

    Jedi Dade
  11. Treadwell

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    Yeah, bondo or perhaps a two-part epoxy topped off with putty or JB Weld sounds like it would work.

    I'm getting away from super glues. Have you ever come across something you superglued years before and have the bond crumble to nothing right in your hand? That's what happens to super glue (CA) over time.
  12. Jedi Dade

    Jedi Dade Sr Member

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    Yep I'm not a big fan of superglue but pretty much if you build resin - its the way to go. Most 2 part empoxies are too thick but I still use them whe I think I can get wawy with it ;-)

    Jedi Dade

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