Resin Painting 101


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For those of you that don't visit the Replica Props section...

Well boys and girls, the time has arrived....

The resin painting tutorial is done. I'm still in the process of uploading the pictures that go along with it, but the information is there. Nothing flashy, just an easy-to-follow guide.

Without further ado...the tutorial link...

Please give me honest reviews too. If it's going to be of any help, I need to know what needs work.


O. F. Gunner

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Thanks Harlock! Nice tutorial for Resin Kit(s) very helpful.
Well wrote and descriptive, also not to lengthy. Again thanks.

Can you tell me about painting vinyl kit(s)? Paint types and
where to buy it. Prep and fillers?

Thanks in Advance


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Thanks O.F.!

For vinyl kits, I like the Super Glue Gel.

As far as the paints go, you have to use acrylics all the way, including acrylic primers. Enamels(oil) and Laquer based paints will not dry, actually remaining sticky on the vinyl.

Testors Model Master Acryl and Gunze Sangyo are both good for the vinyl. Another plus is that the acrylics can be thinned and cleaned with water.

Hope that helps,
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