Resin copies of HCG PR shroud?


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Hi all

I´m thinking about upgrading my current PR setup with a better set of shrouds...

Since I can´t justify to spend 900 EURO (!) for a HCG PR, just to butcher it for the metal shroud, I´m looking for alternatives...

Were the HCG shrouds ever molded/ (re-)cast?
Are there any accurate resin shrouds available, which could be fitted to the following setup:

- TM Thompson
- Real Spas cage and pump
- Real deac. 870
- Tommins barrel adapter
- Matsuo barrel vents and shoulder stock
- SD studios conversion parts/ addons
- (vacformed shrouds).

I really like the fact, that my shroud is attached to the metal SDS adapter-blocks and Matts sturdy resin rail, but the shroud itself is crap :unsure

Any ideas?

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I replaced my vacuformed SDS shrouds with a set of resin ones from Matt / Matsucorp. Like everything he does, they are solid, well engineered and a HUGE improvement over the old SDS ones. (Sorry Steve.) I bolted them to my all-real parts PR and feel perfectly comfortable carrying it by the shroud handle. Couldn't make that claim with the vacuform ones.

The added bonus is that Matt cast some with aluminum powder so once painted, they can be lightly weathered and have an excellent look of metal showing through on the high wear spots. Drop him a note and see if he still has a set or two for you.



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Gone but not forgotten.
Yep, I can vouch for Matt's shrouds as well. Rock solid. I doubt anyone has recasted the HCG shells as that would probably be frowned upon going by the sites stance on recasting.


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Gone but not forgotten.
For what your looking for, yes.

There are four basic ways to get a Pulse Rifle. A full resin kit, the Spat Spulse Rifle would be the best choice. An airsoft conversion kit with plastic shrouds from G&P. Then you have the HCG Pulse Rifle with metal shrouds. The last would be a Pulse Rifle you build up from various parts, like your'e doing. Matt makes the best shrouds. I'm not even sure if any one else even makes shrouds anymore.