Limited Run Resin Cast Thermoptic Pistol - Ghost In The Shell - 1st Run Full.


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First Run Full! (y)

On a recent trip back to New Zealand, I made some very interesting industry connections that have allowed us to offer this incredibly accurate Thermoptic Pistol, as used by Major played by Scarlet Johansen in the Weta produced Ghost In The Shell.



While I can't name names, etc, what I can tell you is that we have had access to some pretty incredible reference material, resulting in what we believe will be the most accurate replica available. Construction will utilise similar techniques used to create the original prop. The master will be 3D printed in New Zealand on a high-resolution SLA resin printer, then prepped for molding. Molding and casting will also be done in New Zealand by a professional prop maker, resulting in a mixture of clear and white resin parts. These castings will then be sent to my workshop in Canada where we will prep, paint and assemble the finished pistols, ready for shipping.

Our design work begun in August this year and here is our final design.





There are 3 changes that will be made by hand to the resin master...
- adjust front and rear sights
- create beveled edge on front of rail plate
- create more curve on the front of the grip shell (at the bottom of the grip)

We printed a test-kit from a slightly earlier version of the design on a standard PLA printer to ensure the parts will work for molding. We are very happy with how this test-kit turned out.







The pistols will have a working trigger, with a visible internal spring like the original prop.


The replica will have a removable mag, held in place with magnets.


The mag will be hollow with a sliding top panel. This is so we can ship the replicas with empty mags so buyers can add their own dummy rounds, eliminating the concerns of sending "ammunition" through customs. The hollow mag fits 9mm rounds which will diagonally stack in the mag, as they would in a real Glock 17. There will be a spring (or similar) in the bottom of the mag to securely hold the bullets in place.


When comparing our test-print to a real Glock 17, the dimensions are spot on. Our rear outer shell even fits perfectly over the Glock receiver.



Time frame:
Dec - final design signed off - Complete
Jan - resin master printed and molds made - Complete
Feb - June - casting
June - finishing work
July - shipping

As you can appreciate, while we feel confident with this timeline, factors outside of our control may cause us to have to adjust it to suit. We will of course keep everyone posted as things progress. Been around here long enough to understand the value of communication. ;)

Pricing these has been quite the trick due to the numerous factors involved. So much time has already been spent on this prop it's definitely more a labour of love than anything! That said...

$340 plus $25 shipping (worldwide)
$200 deposit up front to secure your place. The remainder to be paid once the replicas are ready to ship
Paypal - Please include your RPF name and "Thermoptic Pistol Deposit" in the details

Welcome aboard! (y)

1st Run List: FULL
1. Sean - deposit paid
2. RhinoActual - deposit paid
3. el toro - deposit paid
4. Max Jenius - deposit paid
5. Jon (non-RPF) - deposit paid
6. shpider - deposit paid
7. RbbyRbt - deposit paid
8. Cytochrome - deposit paid
9. revoltage - deposit paid
10. Sam Lowry - deposit paid
11. VJEL - deposit paid

First run is full. If you want one of these, please post that you want to be on the second run (don't pay a deposit).

2nd Run Interest List:
1. loveyuri
2. Punisher96
3. Nakanokalronin
4. BlindVoyeur

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This looks so great. Are you planning to use any metal parts (e.g. the “barrel” and details on the grip)?


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This looks so great. Are you planning to use any metal parts (e.g. the “barrel” and details on the grip)?
This is something we have discussed. One of the changes to the above model design is the barrel. Rather than just have a barrel tip glued to the front of the gun, we plan to have a 80mm long barrel that inserts into the front of the receiver. We have discussed having these barrels machined aluminium, but that would push costs over the top. So we will cast them in resin and they will be painted to suit. However, we are still open to the idea if someone here wants to make this possible. Obviously we will have a resin master they can work from. It would certainly be a very cool addition! (y)

Without going too far down an obvious rabbit hole, our replica will differ from previous offerings of this prop in a variety of ways. Firstly, we will aim to replicate the same transparency of the clear parts as the original prop, rather than a high-gloss finish, which looks cool, but is inaccurate. Also the "metal" parts will not be chrome finished, but rather a more brushed aluminium finish, as per the original. These are just some of the many differences, but pertinent to this conversation. :)


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I would also be interested but would need to see the transparent casts first. this is such a tricky prop and I'm a very picky person. speaking of picky, since you are mentioning you had access to great references, were those references a different gun that we don't know of? you are showing the one picture from the side that we know and there are a lot of differences from your model, especially in the grip area. Just curious if you had access to a different gun and the one from this picture is actually a placeholder for an exhibition or something.