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    hi, need some help and advice regarding applying resin and fiberglass to reinforce the foam core board element of my helmet before i apply auto filler, im ok applying the resin and fiberglass sheets what concerns me is the resin eating the exposed foam areas. do i seal the exposed foam with something before applying the resin ?

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    Have you tried applying a coating of Plasti-Dip?
    Or experiment with EnviroTex Lite pour-on finish (always buy smallest size to test):

    I have read: (Please: test this on a sample piece before using it on your project!)
    1- Take a heatgun (hi-watt hairdryers might work) and go over EVA** foam to close the "cells."
    **If you are using Styrofoam type material - Don't Do This**

    2- Apply a couple of coatings with plasti-dip (let dry), and then a coating with EnviroTex lite.
    This makes a strong flexible surface.

    3- Then apply resin & fabric: I had a lot of trouble with fiberglass cloth unweaving while applying it,
    so I switched to denim. It's easier to find, easier to work with, likely cheaper, and almost as strong.
    And if you need to sand it, it doesn't leave behind dangerous glass dust.

    I Hope you find this helpful.
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