Resident Evil junk, whatsits, and things. (Pic Intense)

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Whatup. SomeGuy here. First post on the RPF, etc, etc. What's goin' on?

Figured I'd actually post here since I joined...uh...a while ago. Or something.

Anywho. This thread, I suppose, will be my little show-off business for my Resident Evil endeavors. They're mostly based off of the Video Game parts...since I absolutely hate the movies. A lot. Like. A -hell- of a lot.

Anyway, first up is my Raccoon City Police Department uniform. I've posted it on several sites before hand, so I'm sure a handful of you have seen it, but I figure I might as well kick off it's evolution into what it is today.

The Original base of it was when I first started growing out my hair, and Resident Evil: Outbreak was new. The officer Kevin Ryman immediately stuck with me, and I used him as my main character, eventually I decided I might as well make a costume based off of it. Taking a page from Resident Evil 2's Leon; I eventually came up with this:


Those were taken in 2005, the costume was completed in 2004. It was made from things I had laying around the house, the "armor" was material from Michael's; along with sheets of padding, hot glued together (Awwww yeah) and the patches were ordered off of eBay and around 2008 I decided to retire it, and dismantle it. As proud as I am to have made it by spending only around $10, I figured I could do better.

I've got an extensive collection of RE Action figures, one being this:

After research, I figured why not. Now, of course, if one has played the games, then one knows that the RPD wears BLUE/NAVY uniforms. I wanted to be a little different, and went with that variant figure colors instead. Unfortunately for me, when I bought the shirt from, all they had in stock was gray/black, so I bit the bullet...and there we go. The 8-point-cap was an easy find, but I needed hat badge for it as well. Most of the gold ones (since the variant had gold badges, as opposed to silver) were US Military; but after nearly 6 hours - I settled on an NYPD Sergeant Hat Badge.

After searching more, I finally found a website that makes custom badges, with a lengthy paragraph stating about how this badge would be a prop, and not used for any unlawful activity, I received my RPD badge from It was around $75, and took a month to make.
3370555857_c3cab790b3.jpg version:

As a place holder (and still is my place holder) I ordered a random duty belt off of eBay, came with just about everything I needed, and it was $25, so...not bad. Plus I'm using it for a later RPD costume. I'll eventually get a classic leather belt for it. After ordering some collar brass, and a lot of waiting, we come up with...


It's first debut was Otakon 2008. Needless to say, everyone thought I was a real officer; asking me directions about certain areas...It was quite funny.

And in case if you're wondering, yes. That's a VP-70. Leon uses one in RE2 (and 4), and (though non-canon) the Officers are upgraded from Browning HPs to H&K VP-70s ever since the 'attacks' start happening in the city.

Don't mind the Ghostbusters wrist band, I forgot I had it on, lol. I figure this post has gone on long enough, so I'll post a another costume a friend helped me with; and my current project in a bit.

So...Uh...Enjoy. I guess. :|

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Thanks for the compliment! Continuing from my last post, my most current project is an RPD SWAT Officer, from Resident Evil 3. I'm at a very, very short time frame, and because of that I can't get the appropriate materials, but I'm working with what I have.


What I have so far:

I'll be getting a helmet in a week or so, the vest is going to get changed later on too, but once again, going with that I have to work with.


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Awesome! My elbow pads just came in the mail today, so that's one more thing off the list. Just need my helmet for the time being, and the SWAT outfit is done! (At least for now.)


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cool !

there is my version of Resident Evil costume ( don't want to hijack your post ) just for fun and share to you ,

Alive version :

Undead version:

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Naw, That's pretty bad-ass right there! I can't do make up, I don't know why but every time I put it on I wind up tossing my lunch.

I -do- have a B.O.W costume though. Sorta. Hahah.

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