Resident Evil Ammo Box


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After a few years im finally back in the RPF and back to making props, and I wanna start again doing something simple: The 9mm ammo box from RE 2 and 3. The original from Tony's Ammo.
I wanna make the most accurate one but its so difficult to find a good reference...


The biggest problem is the logo in the corner. I've found two boxes made by other people online and it's amazing. Like this retexture for the RE2 Remake:

33-1550380617-1143507634.jpeg ndAcqV0.jpg hqURhIb.jpg

It's the best reference online that I can find, but how accurate is the revolver logo compared with the original one? (I know you can barely see it but still)
Because I also found this box from a seller on Etsy and the logo is completely different:


The box is pretty simple but I wanna be as accurate as possible (which is gonna be hard when there's no information about the real text on the box)
What do you guys think? What logo is better? (I would probably end up doing both boxes)

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