Researching a "Clerks" cosplay (Dante & Randal)


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My fiance and I are fans of Kevin Smith's early movies, with the original "Clerks" being one of our favorites. We've been talking about a possible couple's costume for next Halloween, as Dante & Randal, so I'm doing some research. I know we could throw together some shirts & pants that look similar to what the characters wear in the movie, but for me, it's fun to get these things as accurate as possible. But since the movie is in black & white, it's hard to know specifics. Does anyone know if there exist any color photos of the actors behind-the-scenes? (As opposed to pictures/footage that was colorized after the fact.)

I found a webpage at The View Askewniverse - The Halloween Costume Guide that lists some info about the characters' clothing, but based on the disclaimer at the bottom, I'm guessing this is not an official site, but just one fan's best guess.

I also found this article with the costume designer on Clerks 3: Clerks III Costume Designer Allison Pearce Expands The View Askewniverse [Exclusive Interview] - /Film . She says that for the "movie within a movie" portion that recreates scenes from the original, they tried to use costumes close to the original. Dante wears a green button-down (image attached below), so I could go with that. Although it seems a bit too light compared to the original footage. And I'm not sure about how accurate the costumes really are, since his t-shirt looks too dark, and Randal wears a solid black button-down even though the original was obviously plaid.

So from what I've been able to piece together, here's the info I have so far. I'm basing this on how the characters looked in the beginning/middle of the movie, before Dante changes clothes for his date. Does anyone have any info to add?

pants: khakis?
t-shirt: House of Pain t-shirt, like the image attached below
button-down shirt: unknown
watch: unknown
shoes: Doc Marten boots, or a similar style

pants: acid-wash jeans
t-shirt: AT&T t-shirt, like the image attached below
button-down shirt: unknown
hat: New Jersey Devils baseball cap
shoes: unknown



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