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Hi all,

I'm making some mini spaceships for gaming - making originals, RTV mold, cast, that's working well for me.

For the next stage I think I need a different resin. I'm using Easyflo 60 and, when set, it is still a bit flexible. As you know, some spaceships have pods on struts and I'm worried that the resin might flex too much if I have a thin strut with a heavy pod (think Blakes 7 Liberator).

Is there a resin which sets more rigid, or something I can add to my resin to make it do that? Is this a property on the materials sheet related to the resin, if so which properties should I look for?
The resin I use is from a group called Raku tools, its a fairly stiff polyurthane resin, has a little bit of flex but nothing major.
Have you tried maybe putting a small piece of metal into the strut area when casting to add support?
You would look at the Shore hardness the higher the number the less flex. Rotocast (65D) from smooth on is fairly flexible - 65 Shore . Onyx from smooth on is very rigid once fully cured 80 shore.
I'd add a wire to the support/legs. Even a rigid urethane, say, an 85D, can slowly warp over time. If you can insert mold a wire, you wouldn't have any worries down the line.
I'll look into the wire, thanks. Might be possible to make a mold with the wire running through multiple parts, which sounds easy, but then things often sound easy until I actually do them.
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