REQUEST: High res pic of Gladiator Maximus Armor / Cuirass


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Hi all,

Have a specific request for anyone out there - if you could help I would greatly greatly thankful.

I'm looking for a high resolution image of the final battle Cuirass worn by Russel Crowe in the movie Gladiator.
The best I've seen so far is the costume picture that's available on Todd's Cosumes (1000 x 1000), but I'm looking for something more like 3000 x 3000.

Is anyone out there able to help? I tried emailing Todd but no response... the reason I'm looking for this is cause I work in X-Ray and I'm trying to get a custom X-ray fluoroscopy apron printed up, but the vendor is asking for a super high res image to work from... this is the mockup that they gave me so far:

Rendering Of Gladiator Apron.png pretty sweet, huh?

thanks in advance to anyone that's able to help...


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nobody, huh??... :cry

BTW, I do have an email request out to Todd to see if he'd be willing to take a new higher resolution paid pic for me, but no response yet.

The only other alternative is to try to use a different cuirass pic (but not from Gladiator)
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Thanks, gothic!
I finally heard back from Todd at Todd's costumes - he was able to find a higher resolution original picture and send it to me.
Thank you so much, Todd! I greatly appreciate it!

I'll post pics later on once the apron gets silkscreened.