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evil h

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Would anyone who happens to own a Hot Toys Predator Hound (that comes with the Tracker figure) and any NECA 1:10th scale Predator figure be so kind as to take a photo of the Hound standing next to a Neca Pred, so I can have a reference for the size difference?...

I fully realize that the Hound would be gigantic, compared to the Neca Pred-Hounds, but I'm really needing a comparison pic of the two together to better plan a custom project I'm considering doing (and I'd rather not buy the Hot Toys Hound if the size difference doesn't work well for my idea)...

Thanks to any who could and would be willing to help, as it's much appreciated...
i don't have one, but are you going to use the Hot toys hounds spikes for the neca pred? If that's the case, I know they're too big to use without looking ridiculous. or maybe a hound as a predator mount? now THAT could be sweet
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