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Discussion in 'Site Support & News' started by greylocke, Feb 25, 2012.

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    A thread where things get explained. I'm still trying to figure out the various acronyms, such as HIC = Han in Carbonite, BTTF = Back To The Future, but you get what I'm saying. The reason I'm asking is I see members talking about using styrene, what kind of styrene? Where would I get it? how do I glue it? how would I cut it properly? how do I form it properly? Also making molds, what type of mold material? where would I get it? what is release agent? Why do I need release agent? Resins, what types? Where to get? benefits of this type versus that type?

    Is there any way we could put together a thread or FAQ that explains all of it? Because I'm still scratching my head over some things, and while I do figure it out after a while, I think if we had an explanation thread or FAQ, we could actually bring more people into the hobby.

    My .02 cents
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    one forum i go on ..if you hover over say "bttf" it will say what it means and so on
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    Is it a feature or the google ads type plugin?
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    You see the dotted line below bttf ?

    Hover over abbreviations with dotted lines, and it does exactly what you are showing us in the link ;)

    Wiki, FAQ etc. have been talked about and are partially in the works, please hit the search function for a bit more info. I am pretty sure that 2012 will bring a few changes ;)

    RPF staff
  7. trooper

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    that would be great, i get lost in some of these posts, dear in headlight kind of lost. of course im an old fart and not up to alot of pc lingo :lol
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    Maybe you could add HIC to the list....It don't have a dotted line.
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    Also the RPF has a pretty good search engine, you can pretty much find any information you want by typing your request in there

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