Repurposing Your Millennium Falcon [Pics]


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Sorry it was my intention to post it into the "General Modeling" section, which is where it makes sense to me to post it but I accidentally clicked on the "Studio Scale Models" on an accident...


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He didn't really do any modeling, so I'd say Off Topic is the best place for it. But that's an awesome idea for a Home Theater PC! Thanks for sharing.


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Well, I would consider that modeling, when he's fixing a model up and adding things to it to make it better, or whatever. I guess it all depends on what your definition of model making is. To me, this would fit in the "General Modeling" section...


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eh, I dunno.. I've seen some pretty awesome modifications of these things (pc, x-box, dvd player) and some of those had pretty accurate paintjobs, lighting, and functional vents on the back but what/wherever.
I've seen threads like this one in both sections.


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"An excellent idea until your fan breaks, the Falcon melts, starts a fire and your house goes up in flames and you die."

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