Report: (Re)Generation Who 2015 in Hunt Valley, MD


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My daughter and I had a great time this past weekend, March 27-29 at (Re)Generation Who, at the Hunt Valley Inn in Hunt Valley/Cockeysville Maryland.

We had two Doctors in attendance (Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy), one more (Tom Baker) did a Q&A via Skype, three companions (Deborah Watling, Nicola Bryant and Sophie Aldred), Davros (Terry Molloy), and some guest stars (Colin Spaull and Patricia "Magenta" Quinn). Plus Doctor Who writers, artists, podcasters and more. And a Delorean out front as well.

I personally got to meet Sylvester McCoy, who was amused when I addressed him as "Doctor McCoy" - after which he pointed out that he was also Scotty. :)
I also had a very nice short conversation with Colin Spaull about his appearances in both classic and new Who. And at one point when I was downstairs marveling at a Special Weapons Dalek someone had constructed, Nicola Bryant breezed by and gave it a hug as she passed, to everyone's delight.

Lots of panels, lots of merchandise (my single extravagant purchase was the very sweet 10th Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver Universal Remote), and lots of cosplay. I went on Saturday as the War Doctor and as Doctor #4 on Sunday. On Saturday, all the various Doctors gathered for a group photo shoot. At least one other RPF member was there, also dressed as the War Doctor, but I've forgotten his handle on here.

It was a fantastic event, and I hope they put this on again next year!

Pictures to follow...
My daughter as mini Matt Smith:

The War Doctor (me) with the 4th Doctor:

I met The Master, who didn't seem very interested in destroying me:

Selfie with Sylvester McCoy:

Clockwork Automaton and Dalek Queen Elizabeth:

Inside this tiny Dalek is an 8 year old girl, adorably threatening to exterminate us:

The 12th Doctor and his spoon:

The Delorean:

Autographed picture of Doctor McCoy:

Hanging with Gender-flipped 10th Doctor and Captain Jack:

War Doctor (me) and the TARDIS:

4th Doctor (me) and the TARDIS:

Nicola Bryant hugs the big Dalek:

Dalek invasion in front of the TARDIS photo booth:

The Best T-Shirt Art Ever (I had to buy this!):

Finally, the 10th Doctor Universal Remote (bottom) compared to the plastic toy:
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