Replica Top Gun Maverick Display Helmet


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I’m looking for a nice looking display replica of Mavericks Gentex helmet from Top Gun (1986). I see a lot that come from Indonesia on eBay but have no idea of their quality and wondered if anyone had any advice on getting an accurate replica.



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Thanks guys, I’m always a little hesitant with eBay purchases from overseas so it’s good to see positive experiences with these sellers.


Curious if anyone can recommend a screen accurate set of Maverick (1986) vinyl? There's a seller on ebay that is selling a HGU 55 set at the moment, but it looks like they previously sold a set of HGU 33 and I was thinking they may still produce them on demand.


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I'm also looking for such an helmet! Have you in the meantime bought one too? do they have different sizes and are they somehow certified for motorcycle use? Thanks in advance for a short reply.

I did get one from an eBay seller in Indonesia. They didn’t advertise sizes so it was one size and it was too small for me but I would need an XL flight helmet for my 24” head. These are fiberglass I think so not certified for any use except for display or cosplay.


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Hi there!
I ordered a few days ago three helmets from an eBay seller as well from Indonesia. The helmets are really for decorative purposes only.

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