Replica T-Shirts, who has offered what?


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I am courious as to who has made replica or prop oriented t-shirts, like the recent Serinity and Doom t-shirts, if you have done any please post pics, I would love to see whats avalible.


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A while back I did a run of "Flynn's" t-shirts, as in Flynn's arcade from Tron. Flynn worth this shirt during the arcade sequence at the beginning of the movie. It started out as a favor for a small group of fans here and then quickly spread to some Tron forums and even Usenet. I ended up making over 120 the first time and then a second run a year later.




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i used to have the scarecrow shirt that the jack knight starman wore in the first couple of issues...but i have no idea where it now....i also have a black tshirt that has "eddie" written across the chest in green cursive (and a very very accurate jacket to go with it)...but that was made for a specific purpose...i'm pretty sure i've made more...but damned if i can remember them off the top of my head...skott
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