replica news paper printers?

Wes R

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I want to make some replica news papers (an get some already existing printed) but I'm not sure where or how. Anyone done this before and know of a good place to get them done? Most of the printing places around here seem to have issues with printing stuff you can't prove ownership on. Thanks in advance.


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I use and go to a printing company that is used by many a Engineering and architecture firms they print plans and topography maps all day. They Have Huge Printers 120cm ( 4ft) that can have sigle sheets or they use rolls. A member here RPF mentioned to go to the news papers companies and ask for the end rolls ( last part of the paper that isn’t used) and they can either give it to u or u can buy it for cheap. I got some went to the printer and he printed it out in real newspaper paper!!!!
Try that :)

Wes R

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I should look into a bigger printer for larger format stuff too. I'll make up the stuff and go from there.
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