Replica NASA HGU-55/P Painting HELP!!!!!


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I've finally worked up the nerve to post something....

I have started to paint up and polish an old HGU-55/P in Rust-oleum Gloss Navy Blue. I've ordered a Vinyl NASA Meatball logo to place on the back of the helmet.

Here's my dilemma:

I'm hesitant to rough up the glossy finish! I've struggled with gloss finishes for years and I never thought I'd get a finish this nice.

I've already polished the helmet with Swirl-X and Scratch Out. I have a beautiful gloss finish and I want to clear coat over the decals to protect them. I am going to use Rust-oleum Automotive Enamel to clear coat my work.


Can I use clear coat over the polished surface?
How many coats of clear coat should I spray down?
Should I rough up the surface? (Maybe wet sanding with 1000 grit sandpaper)
Should I rough up the surface with vinyl decals in place? Will this damage the decals?

Any tips you guys could give me, would be greatly appreciated.