Replica Movie & TV Prop Vehicle show in August - FREE

Mad Max Cars

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Hey RPF family! For those of you who love Picture cars, particularly Movie & TV Hero cars & stunt cars, here is a fun FREE event to visit if you are available. The 16th Annual Star Car Concurs Classic in Washington State. Its the longest running annual multi genre Star Car show in the world. Also you will see many Mad Max and Post Apocalyptic costumes, so its a costume event also (though not required) and any cosplay is welcome.
If you want to register and show your vehicle (also FREE) please contact the entity named on the poster as the presenter. Don't want to name them here in case it runs afoul of the rules. As the event is 100% free I am hoping I am safe to let you all know it is open to participation and attendance for free. If not, sincere apologies to admins and RPF members alike. I did look over the rules and this seemed safe to share, hope I'm right. ENJOY everyone! We will see you there!

Mad Max Cars

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Hi everyone. Glad so many of you are finding the event page on Facebook and the like. For this of you that have asked, yes, you are absolutely welcome to ask any questions here on the forum, or wherever else you may prefer. Any of the organizers are glad to help, and I will do my best with any questions here as well! I hope to see you there!

Mad Max Cars

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------ Cry for help to any admin or member who can advise ------
This thread (quite rightfully) got moved to this forum, which requests a year in the title. I am having trouble figuring out how to edit the title to add the year (2022). Any advice on how that works?


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Click the "Edit" in the bottom lower left of the first post. Then you can edit content as well as the title. Once you edit title, click "SAVE".

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