[Replica] Halloween - Michael Myers Lamson Knives!


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Hello everyone, I am posting this for a friend named Brandon Croslin. He is the one creating the replica knives. These are some amazing works of art, the craftsmanship and the paint jobs make the pieces look just like the real deal!

Here is a link to his facebook page with more pics of his work


Now feast your eyes on these pics :)










If interested just contact him on his facebook page, he has more pics and a few more knives as well in his facebook albums.

Take care,

They look great, especially for a relatively safe alternative. You probably already have, but you should definitely post this at the michael-myers site. I'm sure they would eat these up.
My boyfriend has been complaining that he hasn't been able to find a good (and safe) Micheal Myers knife. I'm definitely going to have him take a look at this!
Yeah my friend has posted on the michael-myers.net website, and asked if I would throw these up on here to see if anyone on this side would be interested.

They look amazing to be a wooden prop, and safe too!
I wanna thank you all for enjoying my knives. I put a lot of love and sweat into each one. Please check out my facebook page for a ton of other pics of new Myers knives. I have the new RZ Bowie, The revamped H9, The H20 which is becoming a huge hit and plenty of others. I want to thank haloboyvash for posting this as well.
I got a few masks as well but no kirk. LOL I have an H2 Destroyer, Killing Machine and an H2 Destroyer coming from Russell Lewis. These are also my early models. I have since improved greatly and have almost every knife from every Halloween movie down to a "T". A lot of work but it has paid off. Check out my facebook for all my latest work.
I must add that I have many different knives in my Facebook. Please check em out. My name is Brandon Croslin. Just look me up. Thanks guys
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