Replica Gears of War Retro Lancer build! (custom)


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So my friend brought round a full size retro Lancer replica that came out with the games a few years ago, i am not sure if they are hard to get hold of nowadays..
Anyways, it was an awful bright green with yellow camo colour and he asked if i would do a paint job on it to bring it more in line with the in game model, and this is the fruit the project bore - after talks with him we decided the theme was a "Survivors/Resistance fighters" Lancer, that had been in service for many many years, gaining some modifications over the years;

A faux scope was added, a longer barrel and an integrated flashlight which is all wired and working, activated by a push button switch toward the front end of the grip, i hope you guys like it!

LancerEdit1.png LancerEdit2.png LancerEdit3.jpg
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