Replacement wall-plug charger for Real 2011 Nike MAG


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Does anyone know where I can get a replacement wall-plug charger for the real 2011 Nike MAGs? I went on vacation and might have left the plug in a hotel room, now I have no way of charging them... :(


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bump please, i see a lot of you making wall chargers and stuff so i know there has to be a way to make this charger or buy it from somewhere


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I don't know anything about the shoe's.

But do you know the type of jack that was used and how much voltage that it put out?


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The charger for the real Nike Mag is a DVE DSA-12PFA-05 FUS 050200.

Substitute replacements appear to be widely available for cheap. I only see single plug variants for sale so you would need two chargers, one for each shoe. Make sure the output is 5V.

Hope that helps!

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