Replacement screen for TOS tricorder, help required


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I have a "23rd Century Science Tri-scanner" I'm trying to put together. Unfortunately the viewscreen in the kit is distorted and scratched. I've been trying to make a new one from 0.015" clear styrene, heated with toaster oven, hair dryer, and small torch in different attempts. In each case I've gotten shrinkage and poor heat distribution resulting in twisted styrene. A couple of hours of experimentation suggests I need help.
Can anyone suggest a good material and/or method for making a new viewscreen? It doesn't have to curve very much. Thank you.
There used to be be a tutorial about using a Pepsi or Coke 2qt bottle and by cutting a certain angle on the bottom would give you a decent screen. Thats all I remember. Sorry
If this kit is a Roddenberry, you may ask them or HMS-Studios for a replacement....I'm sure they would do it with great pleasure.
Unfortunately it is not a kit from Roddenberry. It's an older unauthorized kit that has a lot of similarities to the Roddenberry kit. There's no guarantee that components will match between kits, though.
I made a tricorder screen for my scratch-build by pressing a piece of polyethylene (from the plastic packaging for a TOS Spock) over a small screen-shaped form, and heating it with a heat-gun.


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Sounds like you're using too much heat. You don't need to melt the plastic, just soften it enough to sag through the panel opening.
I'll try polyethylene (PETG).
That's a very nice tricorder you have, deck5. The screen looks great.

Thank you everyone for the suggestions.
Thanks! The screen was one of the easiest bits to make. Be sure to post yours when you've made it!
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