Replacement Parts from AMT/R2

Discussion in 'General Modeling' started by Mechamaniac, Dec 25, 2011.

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    My wife got me an Round 2 Reliant kit for Christmas :).

    Unfortunately, when I opened it up, I found that the entire sprue of clear parts is missing. Odd since the box was sealed and shrink wrapped etc.

    I looked on their website and they recommend returning it to your Place of Purchase, which in this case is Amazon. I think it would probably be easier to just get the sprue from Round 2.

    Has anyone got replacement parts from them before? I know Amazon won't be a problem but I wonder which one is quicker and easier overall.


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    Years and years ago. back when it was AMT/ERTL, I couldn't get a replacement sprue, I had to mail them the UPC from the box and they sent me a whole new kit free of charge, with no questions asked. Not sure if it will still be that easy :/
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    Cool, thanks I'm going to give it a try from Round 2. This kit is going to be challenging to say the least. To say that this kit has fit issues is an understatement. The holes in the tops of the nacelles are HUGE. There's so much slop in there that the pylons sink into them. And there's no way to get proper orientation of the nacelles due to the slop. :unsure

    I guess I've been spoiled by the Yamato 1/3000 SDF-1 and the Moebius Galactica kits lately.
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    Give them a call. You should probably be fine if you explain the problem.

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