Repairing damaged helmet


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Not sure if this is the correct place t post this or not so mods please feel free to move at your discretion...

I have a Gemini Khan Iron Man helmet I got about an year ago and was just in the works to complete the project with Finhead's beautiful bust portion but unfortunately Houston we have a problem.

Someone in the household which will remain nameless *cough* bumped into my desk where the piece was sitting and knocked over the helmet and it fell to the ground....yep smashed. Well not completely it appears only the chin area broke apart. I have managed to glue the pieces on somewhat but I was wondering if there was anyway to reinforce the piece to make it solid again. The helmet is made of Urethane plastic.

Any help is muchly appreciated!



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if is going to be a bust not a costume, then i would use loc tite super glue, then sand and bondo the seam then re paint.


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can do smooth-on resin grind the inside down some do small amounts to rebuild the foundation.. even do the out side seem then sand down use Primer filler light sand repaint?? all up to you..

I also have a Gemini Khan Iron Man helmet:

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I think the strike ended today. If you want to send it sometime next week let me know. I'll send you my address and ill ship it back or I'll return it at fan expo.
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