Repairing an Icons PR broken trigger


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Have any board members done this?

A good friend of mine has an Icons with a busted trigger, and I am attempting to repair the trigger for him. Here is my plan.

I have a real steel thompson trigger I am going to cast in smooth on resin, and dremel down so it'll be a perfect fit. I am going to use JB Quick to set it initially, then I will either use JB weld, or some such product to hold it in place.

Are there better products for securing resin to resin?

Krylon BBQ black paint matches the paint they used on this PR almost perfectly so I am covered on that end. I have to repaint his GL grip as well actually, so I was happy for that. The paint was chipping off the grip very badly.


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Assuming you have to cast the entire trigger (not just the visible part), cut above what what would be visible and cut a matching groove in the PR. It will give you 3 times the surface area to glue (top and two sides vs. just the top). Also, use 5 min 2 part epoxy. It's a lot better for resin to resin gluing than JB weld. And is set in 5 minutes ;).