Repainting metal


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I have two props that I need to paint.



I need to spray the entire Colt chrome and the fill in the logo on the camera, spray it silver to match the rest of the body, then paint a new logo on.

How would you suggest I do so?


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The pistol is made out of pig metal/white metal and will be difficult to repaint. You might have better results if you were to have someone electroplate it chrome for you.

As for the camera. your best bet is to disassemble it so you can work on the individual piece that has the inscription. Have you thought about making a resin or plastic emblem you can glue over the incription? That or maybe a decal?


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"Chrome" paints never really look like chrome. Just be prepared for that on your pistol.

The camera looks like a decent silver paint like Testors would work well. I really like a bondo type filler to fill in the letters. Bondo Ultimate comes in a black can and is much smoother than the standard bondo which can be kinda grainy.
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