Renton55 - My Iron man Suit


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Camra no so good, but i try keep you updated on progress.

Here i Begin:




Mark 3 head, front cut. Easy in and out of.
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Re: Renton55 - Ironman Suit

Looks like ya did a pretty good /w/ th' pep. Keep up th' good work I'd like ta see th' end result bra.
Re: Renton55 - Ironman Suit

Palm Light. I use flashlight part and solder gun. Easy compared to pepping.



Very Bright.

When i make fore arm, i have place to hid battery's.
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i move batterys inside when get on-off switch.



Here i use cellular phone camera. Much better. i use from now on.

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Thats looking so good, ive not tried pep before but it looks like fun and might give it a go myself where do you get the pep files from.
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