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Another thread, part of a few I will post on Deep Space 9 costumes that have been auctioned yet I cannot find a trace of online; this fascinating costume, designed by Robert Blackman, worn by Odo in the episode 'Facets' where he merges with a Trill. (full entry here: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Season 3 (1994) )





This fascinating costume however, isn't seen fully on-screen, and the combination of moody lighting and standard definition means the footage looks awfully fuzzy...not showing the costume to best effect anyway. However, I am surprised there isn't any photos of this striking costumes, despite that it was apparently auctioned off a few years ago at Christies: THE ODO COLLECTION OF COSTUMES

If anyone has any photos of this costume in full from either behind the scenes material, or auction displays, I would be deeply glad, and update the entry for it as well with credit.

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