Removing seam flashing from urethane casting


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What the best or should I say right way to clean up the casting seam flashing on urethane rubber. Is there a solvent to disolve


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Yes it's a 89 batman suit.........
I'm sure I've seen a thread where a solvent was used to blend away after sanding
but don't want to experiment and ruin it


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You're never gonna be able to get it to look like the seam was never there. So important to have realistic expectations. Now depends on how thick the flashing was but I have had good luck with using acetone to dissolve very thin flashing. Like thinner than a sheet of paper. Your mileage may vary. Urethane is kind of unforgiving when it comes to working with it post cure.


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If you are going for screen accuracy then I would leave them on. The screen used suit had those seem lines on it all the way down to the legs. If you don't want them then I would do what Kev said above.


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mineral spirits, dremel tool, fingernail scissors and a steady hand. All things that were covered already but thought i would add just because its been awhile. Hope it turns out, been where you are many times.
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