Removal of Clay Figures From a Mold Cast?

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    So I made this little clay figure with this cheap air dry clay. I wanted to ship it to someone, but I figured it was to 'breakable' in its current state, so I decided to mold cast it then make resin copies so I'd have as many as the mold would allow, right? I molded it and it's curing right now, but I have a few worries. Since the figure is very humanoid, I think that the clay pieces are going to break off if I try to take it out of the mold (I used oomoo 30, no release agent). I'm not too worried about the clay breaking, I was probably going to trash that anyways, but what do I do if some pieces get stuck in there? Is there a certain way to take it out, or should I cut the mold open a certain way to make sure everything is removed?
    image (1).jpeg This is the clay model I made.
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    I can't say anything for certain without seeing the mold.

    For future reference, I'd recommend using a translucent silicone, that way you can see exactly where the piece is and do a cut mold.

    In this case, you can still make it work most likely with some careful cutting. If you know what it is, you may be able to cut in a corner lock to keep them together a little better... if not, I don't even know where to begin trying to explain it so apologies in advance.
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    Is that foxy?

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