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So I want to cosplay a character that has this visor/helmet thing. It separates into three parts and pulls back, and then goes back down and connects seemingly all on its own. I want to re-create that. What are my options?

Originally I was thinking of taking apart an RC car and using the engine/gears to move the sections of the visor/helmet, and having a control on the character's gun that makes it retract and go back down. Does that seem possible? Or is there a better way to do it?

If I'm not being detailed enough, I apologize. I'm trying to be as secretive with this costume as possible....If you need a better explanation let me know, and I'll see if I can explain it better :]


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Maybe start with an Arduino and some servo's (found anywhere from your local RadioShack (for the time being at least) or on ebay...etc)

The reality is you need some sort of stepper/servo/motor to make things move.
and you need a way to control those 'servos' as well.

how you get it to work depends on what it looks like.. how it should behave... and of course some mechanical engineering. :)
will you need a servo for each 'moving part'? can you make some sort of gear train or pulley system to move the other parts and only use one servo?

you'll also need to power this.. (most servos need at least +6v or so.. but check the specific servos datasheet/specs to be sure what yours needs).. so make sure you have room for everything.

for controlling it you have many options as well Bluetooth, RF..etc


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You can get fairly tiny servos, but of course the drawback is how much force they can exert or withstand. The more effort it takes to move and hold your helmet segments, the larger the servo(s) will have to be.
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