"Remodeling "Heartbeats in the Moonlight 1978" - Bullet Hole Clothing Remodeling - Film and Television Aging Faux Leather - Props"

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This is a project I did a long time ago, and I feel it's the one that best captures the essence of the film."

In Halloween 1978, the first generation of Michael was shot six times by the psychiatrist named Loomis with a Marlin BFR and then he fell down from the second floor. When the doctor went to check Michael, he had disappeared (still alive).




(So I recreated this garment. This picture was customized for the customer and 6 bullet holes were visible. Because the wounds were too many, only five holes were on display.)


The bullet holes could match the level of special effect makeup after they fully adopted the 3DX three-dimensional blood effect! It is so soft as to be bent arbitrarily according to the wearer's arms!

The blood seemed to gush out as if he were shot immediately. Although it looks wet, it was in fact dry and would not decolorate. It was so flexible that it could be bent in accordance to the garment and would not fall off or get broken.



The whole garment looked very worn thanks to some paints and would be dyed or decolorate. Although it looks like dirt, it’s actually the paint that would not decolorate and affect the extension. It could remain clean.

Produce various worn effects on knees and elbows with hands
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