Remembering Vincent Price - Born 100 Years Ago Today

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I like to celebrate the movies of Vincent Price. He's easily my favorite of the classic horror actors. There are those who come close to his greatness in my mind, like Boris Karloff and Peter Cushing, but it's the Vincent Price movies I come back to again and again.

When I was a kid, one of the local UHF channels went to classic, mostly black and white horror films after the Saturday morning cartoons ended. They played a lot of the classics which I would build an immense fondness for like King Kong and The Bride of Frankenstein, but there was just something about a Vincent Price film. From the first time I saw The Tingler, I was hooked. Every time they played a Vincent Price film, I began to realize I was in for something special.

It was later, when DVDs came out, that I began to seek out and watch and rewatch these Vincent Price movies that I realized just how special he was. His performances could elevate some of the weakest material. Even when the movies were a bit of a let down, his performance kept me entertained. I truly loved his whole run with Roger Corman in the Edgar Allan Poe films, a handful of which included classic horror actors like Peter Lorre and Boris Karloff. And when he played against the persona he created on the rare occasion, like in Michael Reeves' Witchfinder General, so much the better. I'm not sure which of his movies I've revisited the most, but it's likely The Abominable Dr. Phibes, House of Wax or The Last Man on Earth. It's sad to me that there are still movies of his that haven't found their way to DVD like Jule's Verne's The Master of the World or The Mad Magician.

I regret not buying a cookbook of his with a 3 page hand written dedication in the front when I had a chance once... When I went back with the money, it was gone.

I'd love to know what props exist from the Vincent Price films. I've seen The Tingler, but I can't recall seeing much else. Has anyone ever costumed as Vincent Price from any of his movies? I'd be curious to see your take on it.

Vincent Price's birthday hasn't gone unnoticed. There is a cool write up in this month's Rue Morgue magazine with his daughter, Victoria Price. Also, Phantom City Creative has three original art posters for sale. Anyone know of any other cool remembrances of him out there on the web?

Today I'm going to have to put on a Vincent Price movie. Maybe I'll let one of my friends pick one, something they haven't seen. Perhaps over a fine meal with some craft beer or a bottle of wine. I encourage you to join me in my tribute to Vincent Price. Let's hear what you watch.
I met him once through a friend who knew him and he was truely a Gentleman.

I never knew he was a Gourmet and loved to talk about food.

He was certainly a class act
He used to do Poe readings at the Jr College I went to, sadly I never went to any of them.
One of my college friends had a copy of his cook book.
I read the article from "Rue Morgue" last week. A great tribute to a great actor and person. If you get a chance, read the biography his daughter wrote. It gives a lot of insight into his remarkable life.
As far as a tribute film, you can never go wrong with "Masque of the Red Death" or "Theater of Blood"
Saw him give a presentation on Villians at Williams College in 1982. He was his usual self with his deadpan black humor. Everyone got a chuckle when he told about EGGHEAD and how he got to throw stinky eggs at Batman and Robin.:lol
I don't think he ever made a movie that he didn't give 110% in even when the script was flimsy, actually some of his movies he pretty much was the only thing good in them. He always seemed to have a wicked sense of humor too.
His voice is up there with James Earl Jones, Charlton Heston, and Morgan Freeman for being distinct and just having something special about them. He could be reading a phone book and you'd want to listen.
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