Remake Of Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things


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To be helmed by George A.Romero...To be honest I like the Diary Of The Dead I hope he can do right to this classic
I agree with Allosaur, it's like he's lost his way. Plus considering how cheap it is to film in PA where all this ties to the past movies are he shouldn't be filming in canada all the time. I'm 2 hours from Pittsburgh and they'd love to have him filming (at least in terms of bringing in cash) plus the zombie museum in the Monroeville Mall (see Dawn of the dead) could use more displays.
This remake was announced by original director Bob Clark and he was taking up the reigns once again just before he was killed. I'm glad it's back on track, but I don't like the direction that Romero has gone.

I think Land of the Dead came closest to working of his recent zombie movies, but Leguizamo and Hopper killed it for me since they more or less acted as they usually do. As well as the line at the end that the zombies are just making their way, same as us wasn't earned especially following so soon after they'd just blown the hell out of the zombies feasting on their friends at the gates.

Survival of the Dead might have been better if not for the Three Stooges like humor effects gags like when the grenade blows up and the zombies kinda have black face and blown-out hair after a cut out of the wall comes down. That was cartoonish and stupid.

Diary of the Dead may have been the worst and had few redeeming qualities. Though, the Amish guy wasn't bad.
Land of the Dead was complete crap... How are you going to have the Dead "evolve"?? Really George????

Survival was even worse...I felt like I was watching a fan made movie created by a bunch of 12 year olds..

You made 3 of the best Zombie movies ever, and your resorting to this???

I am worried about the Walking Dead episode that he is directing
If that's really your problem with Land, then I have to ask whether you like Dawn of the Dead and Day of the Dead. Because this was a natural story progression from Night of the Living Dead onwards. In Dawn, the characters reflect that the zombies come to the mall because it was important to their lives. In Day, Bub is taught to remember how to do things from his life. Land of the Dead progresses naturally from there.

I'm no fan of Survival of the Dead, but it was better than Diary of the Dead.

Just be glad that Romero's zombie rock n' roll musical isn't happening.
I think that the original Dawn of the Dead is the best zombie movie ever made.. Stephen and Peter were just speculating why they would be coming to the mall.. For all we know, they were very basic memories that there were people there, aka food...

Day of the Dead didnt really show us anything new, because in Dawn, they did show the dead holding a phone receiver up, trying to work a cash register, a zombie with an interest with guns, etc, so Bub was just another that was chained to a wall with objects placed in front of him, and was rewared with food

In Land of the Dead, they were walking around doing daily tasks that contradicted the fact that they needed to feed on the humans.. Then out of nowhere, there was a uniformed leadership and more advanced communication skills between the dead..

I would like to think that the evolution from mindless zombies, to more sophisticated ones would take too long and the bodies would just rot away before it had a chance, unless in colder climates..

I have not seen Diary of the Dead, and only watched Survival cause it was on Netflix and wanted to see just how bad it was
I would argue that those zombies in Dawn were connecting with their past lives and Bub was trained to do some what more complex tasks.

The fireworks in Land of the Dead worked to an extent to distract the zombies except at the end when a good amount of food source was present which created an overwhelming urge to feed.
I didn't mind land of the dead, I personally think that if they had done away with big daddy, everything could of made sense. The ONLY redeeming quality of diary was the deaf amish guy with the dynamite. And Survival was definitely better then diary, but again, not by a far shot.

I'll be happy to see romero remake children shouldn't play with dead things. I mean it's not Romero writing the script right, he's just the director?
Meh...I too have grave concerns based on Romero's recent track record. Dawn was the best for me. I'm not too concerned about him working on the Walking Dead. I'm actualy looking forward to what he and Kirkman can come up with. If it was Romero alone, well that would be different.
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