Rejected Green Goblin Make-Up Test


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I can really see some hints of Dafoe in there. that is so cool, I wish they had gone with something similar for the film.


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I understand WHY, tey went with the helmet.... Instead of mask.... Regardless , this is still awesome , and hopefully with the new spiderman we get a
Much more tense build up of osborn into the goblin over multiple movies


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I wasnt really a fan of the helmet and suit but that is easier to explain than a mask like this. However the mask is freaking creepy awesome!

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Having spent years watching "Spiderman And His Amazing Friends," I hated the suit Rami chose from the onset. REALLY like that mask. Shame they didn't use it, but hopefully it gets a second chance at life...


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Great find! I was hoping for something like that in the original film, I never liked the helmet and suit they went with.

I used to think that the helmet made more sense from a "real-world" perspective. But when you think about it, how much more realistic is it that Osborn would have a Goblin helmet made up versus a Goblin mask? After all, he was insane and had the means to have either of those crazy things made.

I wonder if it was a logistical issue, as makeup like that would take hours to apply and remove, whereas a helmet is quick to put on and take off. It could also be that the makeup is truly creepy, and it might've been a little too scary for their target audience.

I supose you could make a case that they were worried it could come off as a little silly looking, especially with those ears, but the helmet was pretty much the same design, just in a static position.

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It's cool but I'm a little confused...

So would this have still been a "mask" in the context of the movie? Something Osborn would actually put on and take off?

If so, I would have much rather had this than the helmet. :thumbsup

Unless it was supposed to mean Osborn's face was permanently disfigured into that goblin face.
In that case... :unsure



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It would have been a mask. Goblin was never disfigured, which was something that took me quite a while to figure out. I really wish this would have been in the film.


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I never liked the helmet either. He basically wore a motorcycle helmet. It made it difficult to get into his performance.

That particular mask has some weirdness, but I prefer the idea. Maybe they'll do that in the reboot.

All comic book masks move. Even Iron Mans face changes shape. We need it to connect with the character.


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I understand why they went with the armor / helmet costume . ( He was hurling himself around on a jet for God`s sake ! ) But , this would have been very creepy with the right lighting !
Has anyone tried a realistic comic book costume of Greeny on here ?


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that looks awesome, they should of used this for the movie, I did not like the mechanical suit.