Rejected Green Goblin Make-Up Test

Discussion in 'Replica Costumes' started by Sundowner, Dec 16, 2011.

  1. Sundowner

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  2. Jawafive

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    I can really see some hints of Dafoe in there. that is so cool, I wish they had gone with something similar for the film.
  3. Mr.Spider

    Mr.Spider Well-Known Member

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    I understand WHY, tey went with the helmet.... Instead of mask.... Regardless , this is still awesome , and hopefully with the new spiderman we get a
    Much more tense build up of osborn into the goblin over multiple movies
  4. LittleBit

    LittleBit Well-Known Member

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    Thanks for sharing. Should've used this. The helmet lost me from the get-go. :(
  5. Sundowner

    Sundowner Master Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    I wasnt really a fan of the helmet and suit but that is easier to explain than a mask like this. However the mask is freaking creepy awesome!
  6. Maelstrom

    Maelstrom Sr Member

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    That is wicked cool! THAT is the comic book come to life!
  7. Darth Pinhead

    Darth Pinhead Active Member

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    Having spent years watching "Spiderman And His Amazing Friends," I hated the suit Rami chose from the onset. REALLY like that mask. Shame they didn't use it, but hopefully it gets a second chance at life...
  8. Sundowner

    Sundowner Master Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    Ya the rejected mask really does have that comic look to it
  9. Bloop

    Bloop Active Member

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    Great find! I was hoping for something like that in the original film, I never liked the helmet and suit they went with.

    I used to think that the helmet made more sense from a "real-world" perspective. But when you think about it, how much more realistic is it that Osborn would have a Goblin helmet made up versus a Goblin mask? After all, he was insane and had the means to have either of those crazy things made.

    I wonder if it was a logistical issue, as makeup like that would take hours to apply and remove, whereas a helmet is quick to put on and take off. It could also be that the makeup is truly creepy, and it might've been a little too scary for their target audience.

    I supose you could make a case that they were worried it could come off as a little silly looking, especially with those ears, but the helmet was pretty much the same design, just in a static position.
  10. SSgt Burton

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    It's cool but I'm a little confused...

    So would this have still been a "mask" in the context of the movie? Something Osborn would actually put on and take off?

    If so, I would have much rather had this than the helmet. :thumbsup

    Unless it was supposed to mean Osborn's face was permanently disfigured into that goblin face.
    In that case... :unsure

  11. AdamL

    AdamL Well-Known Member

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    It would have been a mask. Goblin was never disfigured, which was something that took me quite a while to figure out. I really wish this would have been in the film.
  12. terryr

    terryr Sr Member

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    I never liked the helmet either. He basically wore a motorcycle helmet. It made it difficult to get into his performance.

    That particular mask has some weirdness, but I prefer the idea. Maybe they'll do that in the reboot.

    All comic book masks move. Even Iron Mans face changes shape. We need it to connect with the character.
  13. Egon Spengler

    Egon Spengler Sr Member

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    Much better than the Power Ranger helmet.
  14. b9er

    b9er New Member

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    I understand why they went with the armor / helmet costume . ( He was hurling himself around on a jet for God`s sake ! ) But , this would have been very creepy with the right lighting !
    Has anyone tried a realistic comic book costume of Greeny on here ?
  15. Lando

    Lando Sr Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    that looks awesome, they should of used this for the movie, I did not like the mechanical suit.
  16. writefast

    writefast Active Member

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    That would have been so much better than that ridiculous mask. Alas.
  17. merkymerx

    merkymerx Active Member

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    I agree with everyone. This mask rocks and I really wish it made it to the big screen somehow.
  18. jonny5j

    jonny5j New Member

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    yep got to agree the mask looks way better than the helmet
  19. PAYBACKPictures

    PAYBACKPictures Active Member

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    That would've been much better than the helmet
  20. blue2k

    blue2k Well-Known Member

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    This video has been removed by the user.
    Sorry about that. ?
  21. torx

    torx Well-Known Member

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  22. troopermatthew

    troopermatthew Well-Known Member

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    If they head that direction for the new series I would be a very happy man! The expressions that mask can portray blows me away!
  23. sjorsjo91

    sjorsjo91 Well-Known Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    Creepy that controls can mimic our facial structures like that. Kind of scary actually.

    I think Raimi went in the wrong direction with both actually. Looks to me like a "Why would a grown up wear a latex mask before he goes out to kill some fine gentlemen?" versus "Why would someone that comes up with a glider and a flightsuit even design such a helmet"

    I understand the extended back of the helmet because of aerodynamical reasons but the front makes no sense except that it should be a green goblin.

    Maybe if Norman was into LARP the mask would have made sense.
  24. FSURobbie

    FSURobbie Active Member

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  25. Knightjar

    Knightjar Sr Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    Wish they'd gone that way.
  26. blue2k

    blue2k Well-Known Member

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    So much awesomeness wasted. Thank you for the new link, Torx.

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