Reference pictures for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers the Movie suits

Rusty 714

New Member
I didnt know where to post this. If this is the wrong place to put it, tell me and I'll move it somewhere else.

I saw that one of the original movie suits was being auctioned off and took the opportunity to screen shot the images. I plan on making this suit replica one day but I figured I'd post this here in case anybody else needed them too. All of the armor on the male rangers look the same except for the helmet and the coin on the chest but those should be easier to find pictures for :) here are the pictures 20210114_115422.jpg 20210114_115411.jpg 20210114_115353.jpg 20210114_115341.jpg 20210114_115326.jpg 20210114_115313.jpg 20210114_115254.jpg 20210114_115242.jpg

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