Reference Books/Interesting Literature


I'm wondering if anyone has any good suggestions for nice reference books for movie props. I know thats a broad question since there are so many fields within our shared hobby but I'm on the hunt for some good coffee table literature. I guess to narrow down my question I'm looking more for books on Sci-Fi stuff like Star Wars, Ridley Scott, Kubrick, etc. but mostly books that focus on the objects and not just BTS stuff from a production. It's alright if I'm asking for too much but if there was anywhere I'd get the answer I'm looking for it would be from everyone here on the RPF.

Also a fair number of existing threads worth browsing;

...there's this one from a few years back, for instance, that's more general:

...this one devoted to Star Wars:

...and I know you specified sci-fi, but just as an example, here's a very recent one devoted to Harry Potter:

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