Refence for Nebula's swords


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Heya! New to the forum and the world of prop making, and very glad to be here! I enjoy making things, and I enjoy movies, and I am a massive nerd. Can't think why I haven't started doing props/cosplay before...

So I wanted to have a go at making a marvel artefact, specifically a sword (in actual metal) and love Nebula's dual wielding badassery in GotG, guess what my plan is^^ Thing is, I can't find any decent reference material. Looked around on google and searched the forum but came up empty, so I'm wondering if you more experienced propologists can help out a hapless newbie^^ Is there some reference resource place I've missed? There wasn't a GotG section in the gallery far as I could tell.

EDIT: Ain't that always the way? Right after posting I find something. Anyway, any additional pics are of course welcome!
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