Reeve Superman final Costume


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So this is my 3rd and final Reeve Superman Replica costume that I have purchased. This one is made up of costume parts from all over. The tunic is new, made by "Super.Costumes" which is a rival company to "Action Costumes." I think they have got some of the details of the suit more correct than the AC version, which is why I sold my old ones. The boots are from AC, and I believe they can not currently be beat. The belt is from "Hollyreplicas", another Arginitinian company. The cape is the only thing that I made myself, but the logo is from AC. I did update the cape from my last posts by adding the snaps, the correct webbing, and the nylon material on the inside liner.

Below I have taken several pics with side-by-side photos of the screen used costume. All I'm missing is some Bermans & Nathans Tags!



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well, having owned both, i can tell you super.costumes got the zipper pull, eye hook, cape snaps, white lining on thr inside of the collar, pleats in the bealt loops, and a more correct "blue" on the tunic. These details are all in my pics above shown next to screen used suits.


Awesome costume. I just placed my order at super.costumes for their New Release 2013 christopher Reeve replica costume. This one is taylored to my size. Love the details, sewn in S shield, pleats on the cape etc. I expect mine to arrive in 14 days or so and will post some pics by then :)


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There is not a better and accurate costume like the Golden Edition of action Costumes. Action costumes is the only Studio who get Access to 2 original reeve Suits, Super Costumes never get that oportunity. Golden edition have the same colors and texture of the original fabric.


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