Redshirt98's Halo Spartan Laser Airsoft Weapon


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Four years ago I set out to build a Halo 3 Spartan Laser airsoft replica. I wanted it to be as accurate as possible in every way and be the airsoft equivalent of the in-game weapon. That meant lots of BBs. I settled on a design that was of full metal and fiberglass construction using three complete airsoft systems housed inside for a 2200+ BBs/minute rate of fire.

Here are the specs:

Full metal machined and welded lower receiver
Molded fiberglass upper receiver components
3 version 6 airsoft gearboxes
3 hop-up tracer units to operate red glow BBs for night games
Electric BB feed mechanism
Red sighting laser
2 XBOX 360 controller rumble motors
Custom electronics package


When fore grip is opened:

Master power switch is engaged
Front shroud opens via servo motor
Side markers illuminate

When trigger is pulled:

Sighting laser illuminates
Low-speed rumble motor starts
Electric BB feed system winds
After three seconds the high-speed rumble motor starts
After four seconds the servos close and fire the three airsoft systems and power the LED automotive tail light to back light the BBs

When the trigger is pulled hard:

Timers are overridden and the airsoft systems fire immediately

When the fore-grip is closed:

The front shroud retracts
The side markers power down
The master power switch is locked out


The project began as a pepakura model that became the mold blanks for the upper receiver and the pattern for the aluminum lower receiver parts. The upper receiver is fully molded fiberglass for strength and the lower receiver is hand-machined and gas welded aluminum coated in a commercial ceramic firearms coating (Cerakote), The three airsoft systems are mated to the aluminum receiver and supplied via a custom feed mechanism and tubes. There are 215 screws holding it all together. Combat loaded it weighs 22 pounds due to the robust construction needed for airsoft play and the weight of three airsoft submachine gun assemblies inside.

Here is the night firing demo:

Here are some additional photos:






I'll have a daytime video soon showing servicing and daytime firing. The full build is carried on the 405th at Spartan Laser Metal & Fiberglass Airsoft Prop (Fully Functioning Electronic Replica) and on Airsoft Retreat at Airsoft Retreat - Airsoft & milsim news, reviews, forums, gallery, technical articles and community interaction

Hope you enjoyed it!




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Mike J.

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You win. You win everything.

... What's next? Please say an Akira laser....


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Hey redshirt, nice build, this is from the 405th right?
Thank you! Yes, I've carried this build on both the 405th and Airsoft Retreat. A little more prop focus on the 405th, a little more airsoft technical on Airsoft Retreat.

You win. You win everything.

... What's next? Please say an Akira laser....
Thanks! In the near term, I have to get my classic car back together. I will soon begin a grenade build (hollow to carry spare airsoft BBs) and a Magnum airsoft conversion. The Akira Laser looks a lot more straightforward to build than the Splaser.

Day video coming soon.



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Very... Very... Very... Coooooooooooool!

That is insanely awesome! Hehe, I love the "victim pov"!
Thank you! This was the result of the 'victim POV'. It took me most of a week to heal, but I still laugh every time I watch it.


Congrats, not an easy project to start let alone finish! Kudos!
Thanks nosaint! Good to see you over here as well.

Thanks for your patience. I've had amazing response these last two weeks in a variety of places (405th, Waypoint, Certain Affinity, Facebook, Twitter, Airsoft Retreat, Reddit/halo, theRPF, and others). In answer to a number of inquiries, here is a video covering how the weapon is serviceD as well as how it looks firing in the daylight. It was hard to capture the sheer number of BBs flying as the frame rate of my camera just doesn't do it justice.

Thanks to Galaxyor for standing in as my guest shooter.




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And I'm back!
It took a few weeks with a couple of graduations to travel to, but I FINALLY got the Spartan Laser out onto the airsoft field this past weekend. It worked phenomenally! No mechanical failures, no damage or lost parts. I got five kills with it and only died three times. I can't get that performance playing Halo. That's why I'm Redshirt!


Hiding out while charging. I know, not a very Halo setup. I was pleased to discover I never needed to draw my 1911 sidearm the whole day.


Here I am with the Splaser's first kill. I suppose I should have had a six pack or a 'Laser Kill' T-shirt for my first official victim. All he got was the photo and some bruises. He did get a hit on me in other action.

Here's the game footage. We got what we could with my Droid. Sorry, the Splaser ate up the budget for a Go-Pro!

My team usually had me come up the middle and hold the other team down while we attacked. The Splaser was so effective in this role that the opposing team would announce when I was hit and the Spartan Laser was down. It has a very unique sound from the winding mechanism that coincides with the spool-up timer. The guys on the other team said that noise and the sighting laser was enough to keep them hunkered down. I spent all my time working on the physical effects of the weapon that the psychological effect was a surprise.

I got a lot of positive comments in the paddock area between games. I let anyone that wanted to shoot it. All in all a great day out.

It's been a great run making this thing into a mature weapon system. I couldn't be happier with its performance on the field. The three streams of BBs stay together for about 150 feet then diverge, almost ensuring a kill at range because of the coverage pattern. I look forward to getting in some night games in the fall.



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I followed this build on the airsoft retreat forum for a very long time, following the entire process from start to finish. You must be so happy that the gun works with no faults on the field.


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I followed this build on the airsoft retreat forum for a very long time, following the entire process from start to finish. You must be so happy that the gun works with no faults on the field.
Thanks! You are exactly right. I'm very happy with the fact that all the extra time spent toughening up the components and designing in reliability paid off.