Redesigning Riddler's cane


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Hi, I recently made a cane for Riddler cosplay using insta morph to fashion the ? I'm currently working on putting a ball of the morph on the bottom and wondered if I could remake the ? too. Now the instructions say you can melt and reuse again and again but this has been painted and used and chipped! Has anyone tried melting insta/multi morph a long time after it has set?


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I haven't ever tried it, but what have you got to lose? If you want to remake the shape, you may as well try melting it down and seeing if it works, provided that you have the means, energy, and time to start over if it does not. I will say that I know very few "reusable" materials that keep that trait after they have been painted, but again, having never worked with morph I cannot guarantee either way.