Red Skull Silicone Mask


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It's been a while since I had something new to post, but here you have pics of my newest work. I was comissioned a few months ago by a member of the forum to make a sculpt for a Red Skull silicone mask. I had already made a sculpt of that like 7 years ago when the First Avenger was released and I still was pretty new to sculpting, so I was interested in seing how much better I could do today with what I've learnt during these years.

So, this is the sculpt (made with Monsterclay)

And this is the finished mask, made with Platsill Gel-10
Red Skull 1.jpg
Red Skull 2.jpg
Red Skull 3.jpg
Red Skull 4.jpg

For comparisson, my 1st attempt 7 years ago is this one:

I'm rather proud of the progress, I hope some of the 'RPFers' who are just getting into the mask making hobby can find some inspiration here.
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Cool and rather creepy! Does it squash your nose at all when you wear it?
Hi! It doesnt squash my nose, all the face structure was strategically sculpted around my nose in a lifecast. The only problem is that you have to breath from the mouth so its not the most comfortable mask ever