Red Robin build


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i hastily put together this Red Robin last year for the library's Batman Day Celebration. Batman artist Al Bigley came as the 66 Batman. I used grey cargo pants, a red compression sports shirt, a multi-pocket utility belt I got off ebay for about $12. I used landscaping cover and velcro to make the cape- I like the way the material gathered around the neck. The mask I made from duct tape and sprayed with a coat of Plasti-dip. I wore the outfit one more time this year and upgraded the gloves to X-wing pilot gloves and I got some calf-high black boots. I also found an aluminum handle from an old mop that twists into two sticks. Unfortunately, I haven't found any pictures from that event. I plan to upgrade the bandoliers. The originals are made from duct tape and black fabric. The tubes are dried up glue sticks. The Red Robin logo was printed out and glued to a peanut butter lid. I look forward to seeing what you come up with. 10527857_765973736787926_7320301630717682335_n.jpg 10530768_761824877202812_8544696214975054157_n.jpg


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Hey! I am sorry to open up an old thread but i really need help on the wings of my costume, getting really frustrated with getting them just right. any help would be amazing, thanks.
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