Red Hood Mask Scarred Redesign

Crimson Hood

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When I started gathering reference pictures for a sculpt of a Red Hood, I came across a shot from Arkham Knight showing the "J" scar Joker branded Jason with, and it sort of got the wheels turning in my head. I've been exploring scarring the helmet with marks of Jason's past, or inner turmoil. In tandem with this I tend to like taking comic characters and bringing them into a more realistic light, so with that in mind, here's what I've started to come up with, of course, I have a ton of work to do concerning clean up and further detailing, but so far, what do you guys think? Any pointers or improvements I could make?

As a side note, this may be an unpopular decision, but I've decided to not put lenses into the eyes, but rather to keep them in more of the style of the Christopher Nolan films, that's why the eye shape is so large, when wearing the mask, the area around my eye will be blacked out as they did for the trilogy with Batman




Crimson Hood

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I finished up the sculpt, something was just really off with the proportions, so I shortened the nose and pulled the chin up a bit. But aside from that, it was just a ton of cleanup to make sure it was ready for molding. I used a few coats of rebound 25 for the mold jacket and just plaster strips for the shell. I rotocasted the first casting with Onyx fast, and it came out alright, but I'm out of resin, so I'm just gonna clean it up and start painting

Crimson Hood

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I'm just about finished up with the paint job, I based it out with a black gloss coat after a few rounds of sanding, and I used a technique I actually discovered by accident a couple of years ago, if you moisten the surface of the resin, making sure to wipe off any excess and spray paint it in a colder environment, the paint cures with this granulated texture, and it really elevates the finished product. After the few coats of the black gloss, I added a light coat of Spaz STIX chrome paint, which gives it an incredible mirror finish.
IMG_0961.jpg IMG_0962.jpg
The next step was just a basic blood - maroon red paint, masking off the bullet holes and respirator pieces. After a few black washes, I mixed some burnt sienna and a crimson red to highlight some of the points around the eyes and darkened it down with a mars black to gradient it darker into the eyes. The respirators were painted black, and a few more weathering passes were taken, and voila, the finished product
IMG_0979.jpg IMG_0998.jpg IMG_0998.jpg IMG_0999.jpg IMG_1002.jpg IMG_1003.jpg IMG_1004.jpg IMG_1007.jpg