Red Hood Freehand Cosplay


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Hello everyone! I decided I wanted to make a Red Hood cosplay so I started with probably the most important aspect of the cosplay itself which would be the helmet. This was made using a Deathstroke helmet pep that I had traced out on paper directly from my laptop screen. I got the file from this video here which is also a tutorial video on how to make the Deathstroke helmet. Initially I just traced out the half with eye socket on paper, and then moved those tracings to 3mm thick foam I picked up at Hobby Lobby. After putting together the mask I realized I traced it way too big to fit as a mask, so I converted it into this half-helmet sort of thing almost. I also took some creative leniency with the shape and design of the helmet as I was hashing it out to be a half helmet, and I love the design it came out to.

I used three coats of bondo on the foam without any fiber glass first (something I will not be doing again in the future), and it cracked in places since the helmet wasn't rigid as it was drying. After sanding it down with 100 grit sand paper I sprayed it with some red paint&primer combo I bought from walmart, detailed the black in acrylic paint, and added in the nicks and scratches in gun meal gray acrylic. Overall I love how it turned out, and I'm proud of myself on the outcome of my first ever helmet build. I know how you guys love pics so I have plenty to show!

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