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I've been posting updates to this in another thread and realized that I may be hijacking it. So, I'm moving over here to a new thread to update. This will be a full costume build based partially on the DC Direct maquette and the animated movie involving Red Hood. For previous posts and pictures, you can refer to this thread:

As it stands now, we've got the helmet in a good silicone jacket (Rebound 325) and keys are attached. I'll probably do one more partial coat of Thivex laced Rebound 325 around the keys and in some undercuts (back of the helmet, eye sockets and around the jawline). After that, it will be Plasti-Paste mother mold.

I've included in the pictures attached a few of the reference photo's from the movie, artwork and maquette and the final sculpt before molding. All other photo's are in the previous thread at the top of this post.

Your comments and critiques are welcome off course.

Thanks folks. No, I'm not planning to add anymore to the bottom of the jawline. The sculpt is done and based on another mask as a form, so I didn't want to go to crazy and mess up the proportions. I think it was pretty close to the blend of the maquette and the artwork from the animated feature. We'll see how the first pull goes after I get the mold done. I just put on the last coat of Thivex laced Rebound 25 over the eyes and major undercuts. Next will be a mother mold and then 180 minutes of anxious waiting for demold. :)
This is a fantastic sculpt... I can't wait to see your progress. I've never used the rebound silicone before... Would you recommend this product for ease of use for newbies??
Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!!!!! It is great, forgiving and I love it. I will do my best to use this for all brush on molds in the future!!! If you need a platinum based silicone brush on, then this is your best bet!!!

The Engineer Guy if you need a source.

How did you get around the clay/silicone issues? I don't know first hand, but I've read several warnings about using a platinum cure silicone with clay?? Reading some things scared me away from using platinum cure to cast a mold from clay. I've also read some things saying to spray the clay with a clear lacquer before starting the silicone mold? Do you mind me asking your secrets?? ;) Do you plan to offer these in the junkyard for the rest of us Red Hood fans?? And did I say great work??
On the clay issue. I used NSP (Non Sulfurated Plasteline) Chavant medium hardness clay for this build. It has no sulfur so, it will not inhibit curing of platinum based silicone. Now, I did coat this sculpture with two very thin layers of Crystal Clear Krylon to ensure it was sealed and to prevent direct adhesion of the silicone to the clay. That's just something Smooth-On recommends and so does Mark Alfrey in his videos on casting and molding (God bless Pedro, the best mold maker in the world). I've used Chavants before with no issues on curing except for one time but that was not with Rebound 25, but an inferior product known as Sorta-Clear silicone (which I will never use again). It was the main reason my beloved Emperor Palpatine project has faced setback after setback.

As for a run, not plans to do one just yet. If that changes, I'll let this thread know. I've given it some thought, but as of now, no plans.

Thanks for compliments guys. I must give credit to my sculptor, Mr. Darrell Phillips (Madog on the RPF) for the finishing work and overall look. He is the master in my opinion.

My god that helmet gets more and more amazing every-time I see it man, It makes me wanna finish my Red Hood Costume since I just need the helmet, but I'm no good with sculpting.

I'd buy the $10 pep that one of the members here is selling, but I refuse to pay for a pep file, even if it's a good one.
Thanks folks for the compliments. One thing I will say about this silicone (Rebound 25). If you are thickening with Thivex, then I would add no more than 1 to 2 drops per 6oz of total material. I had a batch not bind/cure very well. Fortunately, it was a top layer that easily peeled off. I had a couple of "sticky" patches. For those that have done this before, you know what I am talking about. Thivex is another Smooth-On product that is a thickener to fill in those deep undercuts. Anyway, wanted to point that out. I mixed up a small batch last night and corrected the bad area where the silicone had peeled away and was a bit thinner. Now, we have nice even coat over the entire master sculpt with registration keys set. I would guess I've got about 1/4"-1/2" in total thickness. I'll be putting the mother mold on today.

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