Red Hood and the Outlaws #4 Jason Todd Red Hood costume


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Attending Manchester Film & Comic Con 2015, as I haven't had much time to make the deviant art Red Hood(dorkynoodle art) decided to go with the casual look in #4 of Red Hood and the Outlaws.
Managed to buy chino's and white shirt from primark, casual grey shoes( he does have boots in the pic) a vintage v-neck sleeveless jumper & blue jacket.
I have used 4thWall Design's Red Hood helmet, ordered it plain, as wasn't sure what marking to do, and eventually will make a part of the back removable using earht magnets. Its nothing like the face version, due to scheduling and time, this should still look cool( hopes).
I eventually will make the All-Cast blades, but for now I painted two Namco Gun-con 45, £5 each off ebay.


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2059170-red_hood_issue_four.jpg Red_Hood_Jason_Todd_New_52_0004.jpg

- - - Updated - - -

Prep was done in one day, a bit rushed and inbetween sleeping every 2hours, not the best of idea's, but hey ho. Will update pics and ones from the convention in the nest day or 2


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Item List: Navy Jacket by H&M - owned
Beige Vintage sleeveless V-neck top- £12.99 - ebay
2x Namco Guncon 45 lightguns- £5.00 each - ebay
White shirt- £5.00- Primark
Brown chinos- £8.00- Primark
Black belt- owned
Plain Cast 4thWall Design Redhood helmet- £160.00
Royal blue contact lenses- £20.00- EyesBright
Grey casual shoes- owned


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Cheers for the feedback.
Yeah, the top looks quite light in the picture, the white hair streak is natural.
A very rushed job for manchester. Painted the guns and helmet in one day between nightshifts ;-)
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