Red Dwarf

cayman shen

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Oh man, I couldn't finish the last season. Broke my heart. Here's hoping they rediscover their roots, because those early episodes were solid gold from top to bottom :)

Wes R

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Well at least this gives me stuff to buy my dad for christmas even though I'm the only one to sit through seasons 1-10 lol


There's been a few interesting tidbits released by production over the last couple of months.

They've confirmed that Magic Camera Company and The Model Unit, two highly respected UK miniature FX companies, are handling the model shots for the two new series.

We've had a glimpse of the new Red Dwarf 'bigature' - a larger 2/3 section replica of the Series X model - rigged up for a motion control shoot (something that was beyond the budget for Series X) and a shot of the new, slightly redesigned Starbug miniature crashed in a desert setting.

Reports indicate that XI and XII are considerably more ambitious in terms of FX/model shots than the last series, so we should be in for some really interesting results!

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Inquisitor Peregrinus

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I am so behind the times... I think the last series I saw was VII. I sort of watched VIII, but a lot of real-life distractions kept me from really being able to follow it (and I was still grouchy about the casting change for Kochanski), and didn't see IX/Back to Earth at all. *sigh* Time, I think to find the best home-video transfer and revisit the whole thing (my I-VI VHS tapes have long since died, and I heard questionable things about the DVD transfers).

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